DAY 3 of fashion week was another jam packed day. We left the hotel and went to Salon V in Greenwich Village for blowouts. I love getting blowouts but it’s not something I generally treat myself to because lashes have become a necessity!

When I found out Salon V was going to be pampering us that morning I was so excited. There isn’t anything better than someone else washing your hair! Stephanie was super sweet, and gave me a cute braid with some fun curls. As soon as our hair was done we booked it over to Grand Central to do a shoot with Katie Stuart. While I was there I had to get Magnolias, my favorite cupcakes ever—it’s not a trip to NYC without stopping there!

Next we were off to Joli Beauty Bar to get “zsuse’d”! It was such a rainy day, by the time we got to JBB our hair and makeup needed to be touched up! We walked in to JBB and immediately were welcomed by Zsuz & Charde who told us they had Prosecco on the way for us! I love the concept of their  little beauty bar! It’s all about a quick little spruce up that makes all the difference!

I walked out of there with two new friends—these girls are so sweet and REAL, which is what makes me love them even more. I will most definitely be visiting Joli Beauty Bar the next time I’m in the city for a little “zsuz”! While I was there I also signed up for Prose Hair. Charde did a hair diagnostic on me, with and a questionnaire Prose is customizing new shampoo and conditioner for me! Will do a post on Prose once I receive it and try it out!

Man, I’m exhausted just typing this all out! Our last shows of the weekend were back to back! We stopped by the Angela Mitchell Presentation and then headed over to a show at Mercedes Benz.

After those shows we went back to the hotel for a little bit to chill out and freshen up. We had dinner reservations at Bond 45 in the theater district. I’m pretty sure Jonathan brought us everything on the menu— we ate so much food! My favorite entrees were their Scallop Scampi, their chicken truffle alfredo, their meatballs, and their cheesecake. Oh man, their meatballs, top 3 meatballs I’ve ever had.

As soon as I got back to the hotel room I popped on the Olympics and passed out! I had such a blast at NYFW, I can’t wait to go back next year!

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