There is nothing more exciting than planning a getaway, and then picking out all your outfits! You pick your absolute favorite pieces, and then you pull our your sad old suitcase. Let’s face it, many of us are probably sporting the duffle bag we were using in college or traveling with our parents old hand me downs. Yay, Mom & Dad got new luggage and they gave me this old thing. Thanks, but no.

As a fashion/lifestyle blogger, I wanted my luggage to match my personal style.  And, I really wanted it to match…like each piece!  It really makes a huge difference in feeling that you are put together.  I know luggage can be a bit of an investment, but I am here to tell you if you purchase a good quality set, it will last you for quite some time.  (And then you can hand that lovely set down to your own kids 😉)

That’s why I chose the Chatelet Hard+ from Delsey USA.  It’s stylish and durable!  I’ve got quite a few trips booked this year and I feel confident that this set will be perfect for all of them.  The Chatelet Collection features a unique break system so your suitcase won’t roll away—so clever!  Most of the time I’m traveling alone, trying to juggle my Louis Vuitton Neverfull which is ALWAYS about 25 pounds, my carry on, coffee in the other hand all while running to make my plane. Having the silent double spinner wheels make it really easy to navigate even the largest of airports with coffee, and bags in tow! Now this, is my favorite part— there is a tracking plate on the back of the luggage in case your luggage gets lost!! When I travel I bring my favorite pieces, if my luggage was lost all my “go to” clothes would be gone and I would be devastated!!

Now picking out outfits is SO fun for me, but the actual packing and unpacking part. Ugh! What I love about Delsey is that is has two full compartments with tie -down straps and zippers on both sides. My old luggage had only one side that zippered, and you know that every time I opened it my clothes would fall out. Not only do my clothes stay in my bag, but I’m able to separate my outfits and my toiletries, shoes, etc. Their suitcases also have a foldable hanger in them— I mean, what? They really thought of it all!




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